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The Africa child, father, mother, leader seems to be in a state of doubt and hoodwinked in the hands of other part of the world. We the members and committee body of Ne Afri Initiative Youths Empowerment Organization (NAIYEO) do deliberately stands to bridge, reconditioned, reconstruct, empower, reformed the thinking and approaches of the lives of Africans, from the young to the aged,  from the females to males. Every human has the potentials to become the best of everything in life no matter a person’s geographic location. Thus, just as gender is a societal title so is color codes given to a group people of does not conclusively determine their identify and behavior. It is up to everyone to convert their dormant(potential)knowledge into kinetic knowledge.

INSPIRED by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka of Ghana, Working to Advance Science and Technology Education for African Women Foundation (WAAW), Research Foundation City University of New York (RF CUNY), CUNY Explorer, Women in Technology and

Entrepreneurship in New York (WiTNY), TLD missions, 4-H, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), Pesonet, IOT Network Hub Ghana and African Center for Research and Leadership Development (ACRLD). Thus, with their dedication, passion, creativity, and the well-being of the people all over the world.


Ne Afri Initiative Youths Empowerment Organization was an initiative of seven young conscious generational thinkers to push “let make Africa the center of attractions and productivity” . Our definition of youth is any living person who needs our impacts and activities with no age limitation. The NAIYEO was built to lead, mobilize, innovate and build Africa with the young and old engineers, researchers, developers, Health professionals, Legal professional, Educationalist, Sport professionals, entrepreneurs and all vibrant people in Africa. We believe that the future and development of Africa is the hands of Africans.

We the members and committee body of Ne Afri Initiative Youth Empowerment Organization do deliberately stands to bridge, reconditioned, reconstruct, empower, reformed the thinking and approaches of the lives of Africans, from the young to the aged, from the females to males. Every human has the potentials to become the best of everything in life no matter a person’s geographic location. Inspired by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Limited in Nigerian, Kiira Motors Corporation in Uganda, Laraki Manufacturing company in Morocco, Mobius Motors in Kenya, Wallyscar Automobile company in Tunisia, Despite Groups of Companies in Ghana, Working to Advance Science and Technology Education for African Women Foundation (WAAW), Research Foundation City University of New York (RF CUNY), CUNY Explorer, Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship in New York (WiTNY), TLD missions, 4-H, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and IOT networkhub in Ghana.

We are open to all kind of beliefs system and political systems but do not promote any forms of religious doctrines, political agendas and philosophies.

Physical Location

Ne Afri Initiative Youths Organization(NAIYEO) the official name as of October 2020, the domicile is Accra Ghana West Africa. 


Organization's slogan:

“Bringing the best out of African youths ,

" we are all capable’


Our values.


  1. F: Freedom in all aspects of life no matter age, gender, and socioeconomic status.

  2. I:  Innovate with more applicable ideas and methods 

  3. T: Teamwork is the hall mark of this foundation 

  4. P: Pride is the electromotive force for our existence 

  5. A: Adventure the length and breadth of our existence

  6. D: Development the underlying evidence of this Organization


As part of purpose fulfillment, Ne Afri Initiative Youths Empowerment Organization(NAIYEO) will partner with others organizations and individuals to ensure that youths and wonderful people over Africa believes in themselves, have access to basic amenities, guided, be able to share ideas and create no matter their geographical location, ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic status.

Our vision is that every life surviving on the land of Africa has the best of life. Thus, through Leading, mobilization, capacity building, innovation and creativity, self-reliance and mental dependency.


Our goal is to increase capacity building, advocacy, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics (STEAM), basic social amenities, especially among underrepresented groups, by developing, training, coaching, mentoring, leading and sharing resources to effectively boost the African youths who’s inner being is crying out for change in life.

Ne Afri Initiative Youths Empowerment Organization(NAIYEO) Core program interests (Committees).

  • Science, Technology, Engineering Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) committee

  • Advocacy and Youths capacity building committee

  • Mental and health well-being committee

  • Sports and recreation committee

  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership committee

  • Education and Mentorship committee

  • Community outreach and development committee




Organization Strategies

To achieve our goals,  Ne Afri Initiative Youths Empowerment Organization (NAIYEO) and its partners will deploy several strategies that will generate collective impact, mobilize the youths and communities to appreciate and deepen awareness about STEAM, reliance and actualization ,Mental dependency, healthy lifestyle and access to basic fundamentals amenities such as education and health well-being through public education.

Youths specialization structures & Others


  • Research and Development Team

  • Program / event planning Team

  • Membership and Volunteering Team

  • Networking and Partnerships Team

  • Social media and communication Team

  • Evaluation Team

  • Executives

  • Legal Team

External Members

Committee members from outside Ne Afri Initiative Youths Empowerment Organization(NAIYEO)may participate on your advisory, legal issues, policy implementation. The external members must bring scientific expertise to the organization that cannot be found among the members, executives, and committees in the organization, we are opened to constructive feedback and cooperation.

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STEAM is the new language in this twenty first century, the STEAM committee of Ne Afri Initiative Youths' Organization(NAIYEO) would deliberately and strategically create the medium, resources, platforms for the youths in Africa to have a more hand-on experience no matter their geographical location and educational background. We the members of Ne Afri Initiative Youths Organization(NAIYEO) do believe STEAM is for everyone because it forms part of our daily living. Let us all help bring the best out of Africa through Africans.




It takes two elements to form a compound just as it takes all the vibrant youths of Ne Afri Initiative Youths Organization (NAIYEO) to form a system. All members of NAIYEO are our primary partners aside other existing organizations and people of interest. We are open to all forms of beliefs systems, practices, political systems but we do not promote any of their doctrines and agendas. We stand firm to resist and oppress involvement and influence from any beliefs system, practice, and political systems.



  • To make STEAM more practical and appreciated

  • To use STEAM to solve societal problems and challenges

  • To make STEAM more accessible and fun

  • To create awareness in African made STEAM products

  • Physical visitation to STEAM based companies and enterprises in Africa

  • To expose the youths to technological tools and electronic components

  • To provide platforms and medium for STEAM based projects exhibits

  • To attract the community, countries and investors to invest in STEAM projects of the youths.

  • To create more awareness on the need of STEAM and possible opportunities.




  • Kindergarten School level

  • Elementary School level

  • Middle School level

  • High School level

  • College / University level

  • Non graders



  • Monthly Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics Workshops in s form of Do It Yourself (DIY) hands on activities and could be Theoretical.

  • STEAM project exhibits

  • Periodical STEAM challenge to solve community and country’s problems

  • Inter-schools, cities, communities and countries

  • Physical visitation to manufacturing companies, enterprises and entities

  • Others





  • Behavioral & social Science (Human behavior, Sociology)

  • Earth & Environmental Science (Environmental Science, Geology, Ocean Sciences and Weather & Atmosphere)

  • Engineering (civil eng, electricity &electronics, Energy & power, Materials Science, Robotics)

  • Life Science (Biotechnology, Genetics, human biology & health, animal biology, plants biology)

  • Mathematics & Computer Science (Computer Science, cybersecurity, Pure mathematics, video and computer games)

  • Physical Science (Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, cooking &food science, music, photography, Sport Science

Children in Science Class


It takes another person to be there for another, the advocacy youth capacity building committee believe in saying something when we see, sense, come across, hear something which is out of the ordinary. Advocacy and capacity building are a primary responsibility as an organization. Our voice and action will be our way of shaping the fate of the youths in this generation and next generation. We plan to pick random topics, concerns, skills developments, and other national problems through frequent in person questions asking and online survey. Let all bring the best out of Africa, through Africans.



  • To advocate for the most valuable people such as disability persons, children and the old.

  • To bring in focus most problematic societal problems and challenges.

  • To organize community and youths’ seminars.

  • To create awareness, enlightenment and energies.

  • To equip the youths with soft skills and hard skills.



  • Soft skills acquisition such as, communication, Teamwork, Problem-solving, Time management, Decision-making, Stress management, Adaptability, Conflict management, Leadership and Creativity

  • Hard skills acquisition such as Technical skills, Computer skills, Analytical skills, Marketing skills, presentation skills, Management Skills, project management skills, Writing skills Design Skills, certification programs.

  • Early marriage

  • Prisons visitations, legal help and advocacy

  • Enlightenment, mental reliance and freedom

  • Others

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Health happens to be the backbone of a country’s in terms of development and pride. The health status of a person directly affects and impact his or her country both positively and negatively. The Mental and health well-being committee of Ne Afri Initiative Youths' Organization(NAIYEO) would work closely with our communities, vulnerable population, health professionals, hospitals, and other organizations of interest to achieve the following.




  • To educate the public on the need to practice healthy lifestyle for themselves and the country.

  • To create awareness on health insurances and patients’ rights

  • To provide a medium to rate customer satisfactions, health professionals performances and hospitals performance and accountability

  • To help provide more electronic health data systems for transparency and health record accessibility.

  • To health provide health benefits for vulnerable population

  • To help make health more accessible, affordable and quality.



  • Helping with annual renewal of health insurance of vulnerable population within Greater Accra, Ashanti religion, Bono Ahafo, Northern Region and Volta religion and Central religion staring from 2021.

  • Three to five days monthly health walk, screening, and health talk

  • Frequent in person and on phone check up on our members and certain group of people.

  • Others suggestions from external members.

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All work and no play make jack a doll boy, sports and recreations are a major component of human development and brain boosting. The Sports and Recreation committee of Ne Afri Initiative Youths Organization(NAIYEO) will use all forms of collaborative tools and mediums to promote and organize sporting events and recreational events. Sport and recreation have not limitation to gender, age, qualification or socio-economic status. Let all bring the best out of Africa through African through sport and recreation. Let us all play together.



  • To unite communities, countries and Africa through sports and recreation

  • Creating an avenue to promote Africans products and services

  • To re-energized sports and creations

  • To help appreciate our values




  • Community sporting games such as soccer, Basketball, draft, Archery, Badminton, Handball, Volleyball, Climbing, Table tennis, Weightlifting, Tennis, Fishing, Cue sports, Bowling, Foosball, Racing, Tug of war, Yoga, Kahoot, Ludo, Owari.

  • Community products exhibits through sporting events

  • Inter- clubs’ games and competitions

  • Other suggestions form external members.



The economic development, stability, good governance, policy and judgement all depend on leadership. “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” –Nelson Mandela. The positive impaction and influence to cause a change and develop is our driving forces. Africa happens to have a lot of question mark in terms of leadership and entrepreneurship due to fear, ignorance, lack of vision and lack of empathy. We the leadership and entrepreneurship committee deem it a responsibility and mandate to reshape and recondition the current generations and future generations to see leadership as a calling not just mere a title, a position or a job. The socio-economic, security, peace and development lie in the positive impact of leadership and entrepreneurship through life experiences sharing, guiding, philosophies, principles of successful people across the length and breadth of Africa  and practical encounter with renowned influential people for mentorships and coaching. Let all help bring the best out of Africa through Africans.



  • To recondition the model and perception about leadership and entrepreneurship

  • Provision of education tools and resources to enhance entrepreneurship

  • To lead, guide and mentor

  • To prepare our members to part take in national development and policy making

  • To create platforms and medium for skills development and exhibits.





  • Mentorship and coaching

  • Entrepreneurship forum

  • Skill, ideas and solution exhibits

  • Leadership and entrepreneurship seminars

  • others

Stand Up Meeting


Education, as we understand it here, is a process of inviting truth and possibility, of encouraging and giving time to discovery. It is, as John Dewey (1916) put it, a social process – ‘a process of living and not a preparation for future living’. In this view educators look to act with people rather on them. Their task is to educe (related to the Greek notion of educere), to bring out or develop potential.

Education is deliberate.  Act with a purpose – to develop understanding and judgement and enable action. A person may do this for ourselves. This process is sometimes called self-education or teaching yourself. Deliberate and hopeful. It is learning we set out to make happen in the belief that people can ‘be more’

Informed, respectful and wise. A process of inviting truth and possibility. Grounded in a desire that at all may flourish and share in life. It is a cooperative and inclusive activity that looks to help people to live their lives as well as they can.



The Education committee of Ne Afri Initiative Youths Organization(NAIYEO) see education as a fundamental human because the conversion of a person’s potential skills into kinetic skills leads to fulfillment of a goal and success. Everyone desire this opportunity no matter their height, skin colour, religious affiliation, ethnicity, socio-economic status or location Education should be made accessible, affordable and impactful. Education is not mere acquisition of grades, certifications or titles. The purpose of education seems to be out of focus.




  • To revitalize the true meaning and values of education

  • To partner with education ministry to provide extra support outside the classroom for student.

  • To partner with educationalist, old students and parent to construct and implement for students’ academics improvement.

  • To monitor, guidance, mentor students and provide incitements to act as moral boosting

  • Help to track student’s success and career counseling



  • Career Development

  • Outside classroom help

  • Inter-school’s forum

  • Schools visitation for seminars and talks

  • Guidance and counseling

  • Advisement

  • Job referrals and assistance

  • Resume writing

  • Others

Observing Flowers
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The committee of community outreach happens to be our social responsibility of HaMaJaRa Company Limited and one of our core components of this youth’s organization. It takes a helping hand to achieve the impossible and development. Our community welfare is something on our heart and we will work closely with the youths and various authorities in command to shape it for a more sustainable environment and well-being. The following will be our scope of practices, mission and activities.




  • To travel to more deprives communities to donate in kind and cash

  • To work hand in hand within our immediate neighborhoods in terms of general cleaning, community education and enlightenment

  • To create awareness in term of safety and security

  • To help individual in kind and cash

  • To promote peace, unity and love

  • To help mobilize individuals and other existing organizations to achieve an ongoing community projects and events.

  • Others




  • If you can not feed all feed 1 child project.

  • Together we achieve projects

  • Quarterly donation

  • Yearly community fun rising for community projects

  • Community gathering for discussions on status of the community

  • Home visitation and check ups

  • Public education

  • others.

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