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Ne Afri Initiative Youths Empowerment Organization(NAIYEO)  is an initiative of seven young conscious generational thinkers who want to make Africa the centre of attraction and productivity.

Our definition of youth is any living person who needs our impacts and activities with no age limitation. NAIYEO was built to lead, mobilize, innovate and build Africa starting with young and old engineers, researchers, developers, Health professionals, Legal professionals, Educationalists, Sport professionals, entrepreneurs and all vibrant people in Africa. We believe that the future and development of Africa is in the hands of Africans. 



Ne Afri Initiative Youths Empowerment Organization stands to bridge, recondition, reconstruct, empower, reform the thinking and approaches of the lives of Africans, from the young to the aged, from the females to males. Every human has the potential to become the best of everything in life no matter a person’s geographic location.

By partnering with other organizations and individuals, we aim to ensure that youths all over Africa believe in themselves, have access to basic amenities and guidance, and can share ideas and create no matter their geographical location, ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic status.  



Our vision is that every African gains the best of life. Through our ability to harness the creative potential and innovative qualities as well as self-reliance and mental dependency.  








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